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Type Brand Description Quantity Price
AC107 Philips LF - Low Noise transistor 25 + 4,50
AC151r VI Siemens LF - Low Noise transistor 20 + 5,50
OC1L * Van der Heem* LF transistor 10 + 3,50
OC44 Philips LF-HF transistor ** 30 + 5,75
AA118 Telefunken Matched-Pair 20 + 2,75

All semiconductors are original brands and never used.

Prices are for single pieces, for 10+ is some discount possible.

* OC1L is a very unique transistor, only made in the Nineteen-Fifties by the Dutch company Van der Heem, The Hague. (data available)

** Very popular in guitar effect-boxes.